Popout Sockets

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Get a Grip on Your Phone with Pop Sockets

By now you must have heard of the term ‘pop sockets’. These nifty little gadgets make life so much simpler by providing us with the solution to some of our daily problems. These small products solve three major issues: they provide a better grip so that we can hold our phone easily, they function as a phone grip stand for instances when we want to go hands-free, and they also double up as headphone winders for easy storage and less hassle due to tangling! Investing in one of these makes sense because most of us face these issues every single day.

Phone grip holders with a Designer Touch

Trends come and go, and a clear majority of people follow them while they last. While kick stands, phone mounts, and wire winders have had their share of fame, it’s a pity that their popularity did not last long. Mainly because something new came up in a matter of months replacing the predecessor with an updated feature. The pop socket holder trend has a different story to tell. They provide not just one, but three solutions to our daily problems. This is probably why they are gaining more popularity day by day.

Now you can buy pop holders online in a jiffy. They are available in abundance on so many platforms. But if you’re looking for one which not only looks good, but is pocket-friendly too, then Paybydaddy India is the best shopping destination for you. With over a hundred designs to choose from, you’ll end up buying more than one! The funky prints and vibrant colours will turn your phone into an eye-catcher. You’ll find prints ranging from floral patterns, to abstract motifs, and even the ever-famous marble designs. They look great and can be coordinated with your clothes, accessories, and even your nail colour!

All you must do is stick them to the back of your phone and you’re good to go! Now you can travel with ease without fidgeting with your headphones and you can click perfect selfies with your pop socket to provide excellent grip. Use them to prop up your phone while watching movies and shows so that your hands don’t ache.

The Long-Lasting Trend of Pop Sockets

Pop sockets have style and practicality on their side, giving them a certain edge in the race to become the biggest new trend. Keeping in mind the latest styles, Paybydaddy India has curated a collection of the hippest pop sockets online in India. You can also customize pop sockets if you have a certain design in mind. Let your imagination run free and flow to your fingertips with designer pop sockets. Buy pop socket online India and get free shipping on all prepaid orders!